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About Kapadvanj


Kapadvanj is an ancient town located in the northern part of Kheda District in the Indian state of Gujarat.  It is located at a distance of 44.5 km from the district headquarters Nadiad and 77 km from state capital Gandhinagar.  Ahmedabad, the financial capital of Gujarat, is 55 km from the town.

Geography of Kapadvanj

The geographical coordinate of Kapadvanj is 23.02° North latitude and 73.07° East longitude. The town is located on the bank of River Mahor. It has an average elevation of 69 meters, which is 226 feet. There are a few big lakes within this town. Among them Anand Sagar is the largest. Gujarat State Highway 141 and 59 passes through this town..

River Mohar near Kapadvanj

River Mohar is a tributary of River Sabarmati. It originates at the coordinate of 23.07° North latitude and 73.10° East longitude in Kapadvanj Taluka and flows southwards to meet River Varasi near Kapadvanj town. Further down it intersects Narmada Main Canal. It then continues southwards for few more kilo meters before taking a westward turn to meet Vatrak River. Finally it drains into River Sabarnmati.

Natural Resources in Kapadvanj

Rich deposit of Bentonite has been found in Kapadvanj town. The mineral is generally used in petroleum refineries, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, foundries, and also as bonding material in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, ceramics, and insecticides. Therefore, it has great economic potential.

Incidentally, Bentonite is also found in Mirzapur and Mahmmadpura villages of Kapadvanj tehsil. The tehsil also has rich deposits of some other minerals like Bauxite Quartz, Laterit, Limestone and Black Trap. 

Climate in Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj enjoys a tropical climate. May is the hottest month here with maximum temperature reaching up to 42 degree centigrade while the coldest is January. During this month the minimum temperature may go below 12 degree Celsius.

The area enjoys rainfall in June, July, August and September. The yearly average rainfall is 826 mm. However, most of the rains fall in July and August.

History of Kapadvanj

History in Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj was a part of Solanki kingdom during the reign of King Siddharaj Jayasinh (1094 – 1143). At that time it was an important trading center located on the inland trading route from port of Cambay. Many are of the opinion that the name of the town has been derived from the words kapad and vanijya. While karpad means cloth vanijya means trading. Therefore, it is guessed that in early years the town was a center for textile trading.

During the reign of Siddharaj Kapadvanj the town was inhabited by rich merchant class. Beautiful step wells and torans (gates) built during that period is a pointer to the fact. Much later, the Dawoodi Bohras became a dominant group. They lived as a closed community in areas we today call Moti Bohrawad and Nani Bohrawad.

The Bohra neighborhood in Kapadvanj had been built around a street and its many lanes and by lanes. Twin gates guarded the neighborhood from outside invasion. These roads had rows of houses on their two sides, which bore the distinct stamp of their culture and their prosperity.

Administration in Kapadvanj

As in every other place, the District Collector is the senior-most administrative officer of this district. He represents state government in the district and is in overall charge of the same. In case of any necessity you may contact him at the following address:

Office of District Collector

National Highway 8
Subhash Nagar
City: Nadiad
District: Kheda
Pin Code: 387001
Office Phone No: 0268-2553334
Residential Phone No: 0268-2556700
Email Id:  colkheda@guj.nic.in

Mamlatdar in Kapadvanj

However, for day to day administration Kapadvanj also has a Mamlatdar posted at Kapadvanj town. He is in charge of the whole tehsil and is required by law to keep in close contact with the people living under his jurisdiction.  His office is located in Hoi Chakla area near Town Police Station. In case you need to contact him you may visit him in person or contact at the following number: 

Phone Number: 91 2691 252626
Email Id: mam-kapadwanj@gujarat.gov.in

Municipality in Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj Today

Kapadvanj also has a municipal committee to provide civic administration to the town. It is located in Dholi Kui area and offers all kinds of services available in bigger cities. To render proper services the town has been divided into 9 wards. Each of these wards is represented by elected members. They function under the guidance of a Chairman selected from among them.

Police in Kapadvanj

In case of any emergency, it is best to contact the local police first. This is one force, which is always ready to deal with every kind of crisis. Therefore, if you are in any kind of predicament, do not hesitate to seek assistance. The Police Station in Kapadvanj is located near the office of the Mamatdar. You may visit it in person or call at +(91)-2691-252833.

Few emergency numbers in Kapadvanj

In addition to the above mentioned number, there are few more that may come handy in case of emergency. Following are some of them:

District Helpline:  +91 268 1077
District EOCs Helpline No: +91 268
Commissioner of Rescue & Relief: 1070

Post Office in Kapadvanj

The Head Post Office in Kapadvanj is located on Dakor Highway.  It falls under Kheda Division of Vadodara Region in Gujarat Circle. Its pin code is 387620. To contact it you may call at 02691-262286. 

There is also a sub post office located off Kapad Bazaar Road. To know more about this post office you may call at 02691-262782.

Healthcare in Kapadvanj

Although Kapadvanj is a small taluka town it boasts of excellent healthcare facilities. The hospitals here offer excellent treatment facilities at an affordable rate. Following are some of them:

Annapurna Hospital
Mina Bazar,
Phone No: +(91)-2691-253411

Haard Surgical Hospital
Near Natraj Cinema, Beside Nagarpalika Office,
Phone No: +(91)-2691-254967

Jivandeep Hospital
Opposit S.T.Bus stand,
Phone No: 02691 255 505

Pooja Hospital
Opposite New S T Stand
Main Road
Phone No: +(91)-2691-253650

Ratnakar Hospital
Nani Ratnakar Mata Road, Behind Town Hall
Phone No: +(91)-2691-262188

Shri Krishna Children Hospital
Laxmi Puja Complex,
Near Town Hall,
Phone No: +(91)-2691-255855

Sheth N B Mehta General Hospital
Indian Red Cross Society
Phone: +(91)-2691-227266

Banks in Kapadvanj

The town also has many internationally famed banks offering their services here. Following are some of them:

Bank of Boroda
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BARB0KAPADW / 387012031 / KAPAD
Telephone No: 02691-252576

Dena Bank
Dhoi Kui
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKDN0220941 / 387018031 / 220941
Telephone No: 02691-252217

Bank of India
Lakshmi Niwas
Meena Bazaar
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKID0002061 / 387013031 / 002061

Central Bank of India
Opposite Town Hall
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: CBIN0280519 / NON-MICR / 280519
Telephone No: 02691-253752

National Plaza Complex
Opposite J B Mehta Hospital
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: HDFC0000748 / 387240031 / 000748
Telephone No: 02691 - 255155 / 56,
Fax: 02691 - 255157

Gandhi Chowk
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: HDFC0CKPCB1 / 387806031 / CKPCB1
Telephone No: 02691-252248 / 252417

National Plaza Complex
Near Bus Stand
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: ICIC0000847 / 387229031 / 000847
Telephone No: 02691 252976

Punjab Nationa Bank
Gandhi Chowk
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: PUNB0027500 / 387024031 / 027500
Telephone No: 02691 252824

State Bank of India
Azad Chowk
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: SBIN0000402 / 387002007 / 000402
IP: 150819

Business and Economy in Kapadvanj

Econmy in Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj had been an important trading outpost since time immemorial. We have already mentioned that according to popular perception the name of the town has been derived from two words, Kaprad and Vanijya; consequently many are opinion that in olden days the economy of the town was actually based on textile. Kapad Bazaar, located in the heart of the town, is a testimony to the fact. Even today, there are many well known shops dealing in textile products in different parts of the town. Ambalal Chhotalal And Sons Pvt Ltd is a well known textile mill located on Modasa Road.

Trading in Kapadvanj
However, textile is not the only material traded in Kapadvanj. Traders deal in all kinds materials starting from food grain to electronic products. Kapadvanj Marketing Yard, located on GJ SH 141 in the western part of the town, plays an important role in the economy of the town. Besides, the town has hundreds of shops selling different kinds of essential as we as luxurious products in different parts of the town. They together contribute significantly to the economy of the town.

Industries in Kapadvanj

Along with trading, industries also play a significant role in the economic development of the town. Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation has established a big estate here. It has 76 plots, where different kinds of products are being manufactured by different industrial houses. However, all these industries fall under small scale category; but they together have an impressive impact on the economy of the town.

List of Industries in Kapadvanj
Following are some of the industries located in Kapadvanj:

A.C. Industries
Modasa Road
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-263090, 02691-262555

Door Decor Private Limited

11, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-272216

H. M Industries

Modasa Road
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-262343
Fax No: 02691-262344

Indospan Engineering
Plot No. 36, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-272079

J.K. Tiles
Plot No. 37-38, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Modasa Road
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-272691

Max Industries
Plot No. 27/28, G.I.D.C Industrial Estate.
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-262682, 263436

Mohan Indl. Ceramics

9, GIDC Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02632-7200

Prabal Electronics

9, GIDC Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj,
Pin Code: 387620
Telephone No: 02691-62006

Rainbow Industries

Plot No. 16, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-272682

Relax Plasto Pack Private Limited

50-51, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Telephone No: 02691-272412

Shiv Shakti Tiles
29-30, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Phone No: 02691-252817

Shri Hari Om Saw Mill
23-24, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Teephone No: 02691-272423

Umiya Products
Plot No. 19, G.I.D.C. Estate
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Telephone No: 02691-268623,079-25894248(O)

Vikrant Engineers
Plot No. 3, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Telephone No: 02691-272509

Vikrant Engineers

Plot No. 3, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
City: Kapadvanj
Pin Code: 387620
Telephone No: 02691-272509

Tourism in Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj Tourism

However, Kapadvanj is not just a business town. As we have mentioned in the history section, it also has two ancient step wells and a toran (gate) built in the Solanki era. They are located in the middle of the town to remind us of its rich legacy. The gate carries a distinct stamp of Solanki architecture. It must have been a part of the fortification that once surrounded the town. According to hearsay there were four more similar gates; but there is no sign of them anymore and must have been destroyed in the course of history.

Close to the toran is the Kundu Vav. It is rectangular in shape and is quite similar to the Modhera step well in design. However, it is simpler and smaller than the one located in Modhera. Once upon a time it must have been part of a temple complex. Idols of different gods and goddesses can be seen here. There is also a beautiful torana. It is said to be one of the thirteen Kirti Stambh in Gujarat.

Vohrawad in Kapadvanj

Moti Masjid in Kapadvanj

The Vohrawad or the Bohra neighborhood in Kapadvanj is another unique place to visit.  It is a gated enclave where the Bohras used to live before they spread to different parts of the world. The houses here offer glimpse into the distinctive culture of their owners.

One of the unique features of this neighborhood is that the houses here share common walls. Moreover, they have their exteriors decorated with wood, which project out from the building line. This not only offers a cozier look, but also provides the much needed shades to the roads below.

Between the Moti and Nani Vohrawad is the Bohra Masjid and the Clock Tower. Both these structures are very elegant and worth your visit.

How to Reach Kapadvanj

As we have already mentioned GJ SH 141 and GJ SH 59 run directly through Kapadvanj. Therefore, the town can easily be reached through a network of state highways from every part of the state. In addition, a railway line joining district headquarters Nadiad with Modasa, the administrative headquarters of Aravalli District, runs directly through this town.

Trains Passing through Kapadvanj

Kapadvanj station is code named KV. The following trains make a stop here:

Name: Nadiad Modasa Passenger
Train No: 59151
Arrival: 19:55 hrs
Departure: 20:00 hrs
Working days: Daily

Modasa Nadiad Passenger
Train No: 59152
Arrival: 7:40 hrs
Departure: 7:45 hrs
Working days: Daily

Name: Nadiad Modasa Passenger
Train No: 59153
Arrival: 11:30 hrs
Departure: 11:35 hrs
Working days: Daily except Friday

Name: Modasa Nadiad Passenger
Train No: 59154
Arrival: 15:55 hrs
Departure: 16:00 hrs
Working days: Daily except Friday

Kapadvanj at a Glance

Taluka: Kapadvanj
District: Kheda
State: Gujarat
Elevation: 69 meter
Coordinates: 23.02°N 73.07°E
Pin Code: 387620
STD Code:  02691

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